Welcome to the Magitrade Forex Indicator

You’ve got At Last, Trade all the time frames, all the commodities, Forex, Bitcoin all at once, with one chart.

With ONE Indicator dropped on ONE chart – you can tell what’s going on with EVERY currency you choose on every time frame.

Use 3 Simple Steps for Each Trade

  1. Check the currencies and click the symbol you want to look at – red is sell, green is buy.
  2. Check the indicators.
  3. Check the position on the chart. – look for 2 to 1 / 3 to 1 Risk Reward to Trade
  4. Build up a portfolio of trades – just like the big boys!

How does it work?

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Please note: if you invest you need to do your own research – trading the forex markets can result in the complete loss of your funds. This software is provided as is for educational purposes only and your trading decisions are your own.